Description about our Energy Harvester Systems .

1.2 billion people lack of electricity worldwide. Overall, 625 million people are without power in sub-Saharan Africa alone. This project is about designing a highly efficient and modular off-grid power system, to be deployed in small isolated villages of third world countries.

Our product will be able to harvest and transform available energy into electric power and to provide enough electric power to connected accessories, and a state of the art lighting solution.

Intended Users
The product is intended for use by small communities in developing countries with little or no access to an electrical grid. The product will be user friendly, therefore anyone could be able to operate and manage the system after minimal or no training. The system would benefit entire communities; anyone who wants their home lit, or charge a cell phone.

Intended Uses
The product is intended to supply electricity to several light bulbs throughout a small community of less than 100 people. It must supply steady electrical current, and be powered by an extremely efficient dynamo attached to a hand operated well pump in addition to other systems such as wind or solar; since the system is designed to be modular and adaptable for multiple power sources. The system will also be scalable to accommodate community growth, and increase in power demand. In practice, the system should be easily applicable to any situation where there is need for off-grid energy such as recreational outdoors and emergency situations; it all dependent on how the system is deployed, and what it is powering it.

Our objetives

To bring electric power to the most isolated villages in third world countries.

High Efficiency System

We are eager to provide an energy harvesting platform that will operate at the highest efficiency rates.

Unlocked Opportunities

Our system will be able to collect energy from multiple sources, and to provide a stable power feed to connected gadgets and devices, allowing the user to enjoy unlimited new possibilities.

Low Maintenance Requirements

Our device will be able to operate in the hardest environmental conditions, with low to none maintenance requirements

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